Rally The Horde

Hotman, Antman and Jester discuss Ted hating on Oscar and Drab, the butt beer special episode, a new A-Hole of the Month is crowned, Dukes and issues switching phone carriers, Antman's texts he has been receiving and how Chad was slighted by a good friend.

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Hotman Ted and Jester discuss the recent Beware of the Penguins live show, the love affair and sexting between Drab and Lubs, a new A-Hole of the month is crowned and ghosting BOAD can effect you for years to come.

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Hotman Ted and Jester recap the weekend that was Hordestock 2, the Pizzomania storm, a new A-hole of the month is crowned, and what in the world is wrong with Oscar?

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Hotman Ted and Jester discuss the BOAD Collector Set, Chad’s rules for the Golden Coney prize, there is an A-Hole of the Month winner, the new album and studio experience for Ponytails and Cocktails and the demise of the Bestie with Jestie

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One of the Big 3 is late due to a beard appointment, there is an awkward interaction with Kris Kristofferson backstage and fans love the show so much there is a healthy fear of death.

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Hotman Ted, Any-man and Jester discuss Jason Veedy having a bone to pick with BOAD, a new Asshole of the Month, Trading cards and Golden Coneys for Hordestock II and Christmas in June.

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Hotman, Antman, Blackout Bruce and Jester recap Record Store Day, diagnose the Antman, Dukes' reaction to Drab saying he missed shows in AZ, A-hole of the Month, the Endgame outing and boy did Hotman have some issues

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Hotman Ted, Steve Piestaster and Jester get together to discuss the BOAD trip to Arizona, Drab at his secret dog park, Asshole of the Month, Cuban Steve, terrible DC and we get the latest from Steve.

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Ted, Angel and Jester discus Oscar and the rat, the Super Bowl party, Antknee getting a lot of run, Asshole of the Month and a new Pinball Group.

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Hotman Ted, Casey Dukes and Jester go over A-hole of the Year from 2018, Ponytails and Cocktails at the 9:30 Club, Secret Santa, A-hole of the Month and Ted had himself a really bad week.

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Hotman Ted, Othello and Jester recap the three day event known as Hordestock, Ponytails and Cocktails and the Jamboree, Oscar's contributions to BOAD and Asshole of the Month is awarded.

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Hot Man Ted, Shirtless Puertorican and Jester go over the live Big Reveal show, Drab causing traffic with his accident, Oscar is a monster, Asshole of the Month and the fallen Sullen Oscar.

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Hot Man Ted, Dick and Jester discuss Matt Dotson being fired, Chad bought car that you will not believe, Asshole of the Month, the Hordestock announcement and the career path Jester and the fallout from that segment.

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Hotman and Tuber are once again joined by Sven Lloyd of The Minority Report! The boys discuss the new Thursday BOAD format, Sven's return to the show, and the special episode featuring Justin Schlegel. Plus, an Asshole of the Month is elected. 

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Hottmann and Tuber are joined by none other than Casey Dukes on a brand new RTH! It's been a huge month for BOAD, as the hosts recap Money In The Bank, The Roast of Beau LeBlanc, and some major changes in the weekly show lineup. Plus, there are plenty of nominees for Asshole of the Month! 

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Hottmann and Tuber are joined by special co-hosts, Othello from the Rodkast and Sven Lloyd from The Minority Report! Big Rig is still being a poor sport, Heather is making enemies with other women, and Leo ruined BOAD bachelor. If that's not enough, we even find time to elect an asshole of the month. Plus, Ted tries to explain his actions during Secret Santa at Christmas In June.

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It's all-new Rally The Horde featuring guest host The Shirtless Puerto Rican! He joins Hottman and Handsome Matty, and they address the change in lineup thanks to "bridge completely burned". Plus, they get into Big Rig and Tuber's decisions to turn down Rev, and elect an asshole of the month. They also breakdown Pizza Gate, and a special edition of the Lightning Round!

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RTH is back with their recap of some major BOAD events in the last month. The Power Century, Drab vs. Lubomyr, Dukes on Facebook, and someone is A-Hole of the Month. 

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Dan and Ted recap the last month of Big O and Dukes, starting with the Horde's presence at 106.7 The Fan Live. Dotson's recent troubles are addressed, and an Asshole of the Month is elected. They also give predictions for the Cuckin Around record release, and discuss Dukes's role in Dan's breakup. Plus, the Lightning Round returns! Follow us on Twitter at @RallyTheHorde, and thanks for checking out the show about the show! #LLTH

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Rally The Horde is BACK! Pastry Dan is at the helm, with his co-host Hottmann Ted. They're joined by Dotson, their new producer. This episode recounts the history of RTH and all its previous incarnations, as well as giving an idea of what you can expect from the newest lineup. Follow us on Twitter at @RallyTheHorde and thanks for checking out the show about the show! #LLTH

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In the first monthly edition of RTH, Ted, Steve, Big Rig and Dick recap all of Oscar's 'Oscarisms', elect the first 'Oscar of the Month', discuss the big Oscar v Drab fight and blame each other for losing biweekly recording privileges.  Enjoy and LLTH!

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In this 'lost' episode of RTH, Ted, Big Rig, and Dick discuss the disaster that was the 'Asshole of the Year' segment, select the first 'Oscar of the Week', and dissect the banishment of a certain former show character.

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In the latest episode of RTH, Ted, Dick, Steve, and Big Rig elect an Asshole of the Year for 2016, recap the Wrinkle Neck Mules BOAD live show and discuss Oscar's multiple personalities.  Enjoy!

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Ted, Big Rig and Dick discuss Oscar missing from BOAD, #FunDrab, and the Ted vs Othello 'War'

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In this week's edition of Rally the Horde, Ted, Steve, and Dick recap the Secret Santa gift exchange, Drab's encounter with swingers and as always, elect an Asshole of the Week.  Long live The Horde!

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We do a full breakdown of the BOAD's LIVE POTRT that happen at Jammin Java. Asshole of the week has a predicable result, but we get there in a very unpredictable way. We also look at the Big3's Halloween nights and end with a lovely Lighting Round. We are a show about a show. Thanks for checking it out. LLTH


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It's been a fun couple of weeks of BOAD. As the Big Show gets ready for the live SOTRT at Jammin Java, RtH deals with one their own talking chit about the hosts. This week the guys hash out all the animosity on RtH and Lubomyr stops by to see if he is the guy to replace Angel. Thanks for checking out the show about a show. LLTH


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We get excited over the live SOTRT that will happening on election night, we name an asshole of the week, and we cover everything that's been going on BOAD. Also, the search continues for a new Angel, and we find out if Dick SmokeHand is up for the task. Thanks for checking out the show about a Big Show. LLTH 


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It's been a fun couple of weeks on BigO and Dukes. We dive into Dukes getting to meet up with his celebrity crush, the Big3 all hanging out at Oakton Falls, and what exactly makes HottMann Tedd so strange. Also, we have another two special guests in studio, as we continue to search for a new co-host to replace, Angel. Thanks for listening to the show and supporting everything on the BOAD Network. LLTH


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On this weeks show: We get HottMann Tedd's side of the story about his date with Oscar and Dukes jumps back in to fantasy football. Also, we name an Asshole of the Week and have a very zesty Lighting Round. Big thanks to Kevin and Steve for hanging out and helping us with our search for a new co-host. Thanks for listening to the show and Long Live the Horde!!!


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The BOAD live show at Jammin Java was a great time. We talk about everything that went down and recap the latest BOAD episodes. Also, the Shirtless Puerto Rican is making some risky life choices and it'll shake up Rally the Horde forever. Well, at least the next year or so. Thanks for checking out the show about the Big Show. LLTH


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We go over Drab's wedding and Dukes trip to OBX. We name an asshole of the week, then we learn some surprising news that will change RtH as you know it. Thanks for checking out the show about a show. LLTH 


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Start off by adding soda and assholes. Sprinkle in an awful movie review and finish with Angel losing control of his life. Mix it all together and you get this weeks Rally the Horde. It's a show about a show. Thanks for listening! LLTH


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We tell some Christmas in June tales, we discuss Horde members that are becoming a problem, and just what then hell is up with Tedd's love life & just where has Pastry Dan been lately. All this and everything BOAD on this weeks Rally the Horde! Thanks for checking out the show about the Big Show. LLTH


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We start getting excited for Christmas in June at Fairwinds Brewery. Then we discuss the begining and the end of the BOAD movie book club, also an asshole of the week is named. Thanks for checking out the show about the Big Show. www.BigOandDukes.com 

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It's a show about a show. That show is BigO and Dukes. Check it all out at www.BigOandDukes.com. Thanks for checking out the podcast, LLTH

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On this weeks RtH: We get into the mischief & hijinks at Dugi B's Yacht Rock Spectacular. So many to choose for AOTW, we make one of the hardest decision in show history. Then we try to get into what exactly Charlie Brews did to everyone last Thursday at the Bunker. It's a show about the Big Show. Thanks for listening. www.BigOandDukes.com 

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Rev. Peyton's Big Damn Band was in the Bunker, we look into the cause of Whiskey Dick, and a new AOTW is heavily debated. All this and everything BOAD on RtH75. Thanks for checking the show about the Big Show.

Twitter: @RallytheHorde


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If it happen on BOAD the past couple of weeks, we are talking about it. From Oscar blowing off a party with his friends to a peanut gallery member doing drugs with their family. It's all here on Rally the Horde!!!! www.BigOandDukes.com/BOAD-Network 

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This week we get into Drab Tshirt's bathroom story, breakdown Dukes and his Bray Wyatt ordeal, and get into everything BOAD. Thanks for downloading RtH73. LLTH

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It's a show about a show. That show is BigO and Dukes. www.BigOandDukes.com

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